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The experts in health and wellness digital advertising

From SEO and Google Ads to social media and email campaigns, we do it all.

At Panel, we execute digital marketing campaigns to help grow healthcare clients. We do this to help you get new patients, engage current patients or provide an exceptional patient experience.

Whether you provide chiropractic services, physiotherapy services, optometry services or dentistry, we have you covered.

Our process to execute digital marketing campaigns

It involves thorough research, in depth strategy, and meticulous execution.

At Panel, we go deeper than an SEO report with your logo on it; we perform a 360-degree assessment of your clinic. We understand your patients, your competitors, your location, your utilization rate, and your previous marketing efforts. We leverage what exists and what has worked. We do not reinvent the wheel to sell more services or to fit you into a template.

After we have conducted the research, we create a unique strategy for your clinic. Components could include your website, your local listing, SEO, ads, social media, and more.

What makes a good digital marketer for clinics

Results, customization, versatility, and focus on the big picture.

A digital marketer for clinics is focused on the big picture such as gross revenue, utilization, practitioner promotion, brand building, patient experience, and more. Anyone can take a few courses and run ads. However, in this competitive environment it is very easy to blow through ad budgets and waste them on competitor calls or irrelevant searches.

To get proper brand building with the right audience or creating a new lead is the challenge. At Panel, we have the experience, know-how and dedication to achieve that for your clinic.

Every month we have a zoom call to review the exact numbers and keep us on track. With Panel you get a custom dashboard where you can review all your numbers.

Often there are larger and unique challenges at play here. For example, it could be the location, certain practitioners, competition, your website, disconnect with marketing, or patient types. It requires a thorough marketing plan before starting execution .

A properly setup website, local listing, and crawl-ability is a first key step, followed by the brand and building digital marketing assets on top.

We Do what Works

Referrals from doctors may work significantly better with one clinic than another. Additionally, Google Search Ads in one location may surpass the performance in another location. There is no silver bullet. We execute marketing campaigns that are researched and custom curated for you. Which is why we don’t just focus on digital marketing. We are also experts of direct mail, signage and printed material, and clinic experience.

Quality over Quantity

At Panel we don’t work with every clinic. Instead, we work with a select group to ensure they are successful. Simply put we generate leads for the health and wellness industry. We ensure quality through the experience and acumen of our team. We also maintain a high standard of deliverables with our quality checks and process. Consequentially, if you are successful in the long run, then we will be too.

A Process that Works

We believe that process is the foundation to success. Our process includes rigorous planning, insightful research, and strategic execution. We work with you as little or as much as you want, either way, we promise to never leave you out of the conversation.

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