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SEO for health is no longer what it used to be

Seo is not dead; it is a carefully chosen tactic for growth.

We used to do a lot of SEO, but now we carefully do SEO for certain clients and situations. This is because Google has really changed how search looks and performs. Where ads play a huge role, there is a maps section, a shopping section, a questions section, and more.

Gone are the days of paying an SEO company endlessly and expecting to be page 1, rank 1. It is simply no longer the case. Google is tightening up on shady or annoying features that made the user experience terrible for the sake of ranking your website higher. Now user experience is tied to SEO, emphasizing the importance of things such as the website’s technical setup, mobile responsiveness, and performance. 

Should I do SEO for my clinic?

Yes, but only in the short term and very carefully.

So do you even do SEO? Short answer: yes. However, we have to start with the big picture based on a marketing plan. We need to understand patient behaviour in Google’s search bar, but also how they interact with your website. Then we can work on its technical and on-page gaps.

Once we have done this, we will see opportunities that can be leveraged to technically, realistically, and sustainably get results. There are a lot of different ways to help your website rank that are multi-purpose, organic, and longer-lasting.

How we do SEO for different types of healthcare clients

Not a one size fits all solution here.

Whether you have a chiropractic or a physiotherapy clinic, are an optometrist or a dentist, we uniquely look at your digital assets and try to leverage them in the most economical way possible to get results. We don’t reinvent the wheel and try to build up. We first understand your goals, your clinic, your competitors, your patients, your technology stack, your current marketing, and everything in-between and develop a marketing plan.

We then evaluate all the digital gaps, challenges, and opportunities, and create a strategy that we can execute together. The benefits are both in the short and longterm. We diversify our tactics to ensure you’re not putting all eggs in one basket.

This depends on your goals and challenges. We would recommend 3-6 months and then doing organic work on your clinic's website.

You own everything (Ad accounts, websites, content, hosting, etc.). We do everything customized for you; for example, repurposing one blog for 500 clients. We are ethical and think of your success in the long term.

We meet once a month with our clients over zoom to review everything. We have a custom dashboard that measures top-line data such as revenue, new patients, utilization, phone calls, form submissions, and more. 

Peace of Mind

At Panel, we use password locks and database vaults for your security. We do not execute any campaigns or communication without your written approval, and we have several internal quality checks to ensure that when we communicate, we are representing your brand at the highest standards. Additionally, we are versed in the CASL law and the Canadian governing associations, both provincially and federally, for health. Furthermore, we adhere to the laws set by Advertising Standards of Canada.

Quality over Quantity

At Panel we don’t work with every clinic. Instead, we work with a select group to ensure they are successful. We ensure quality through the experience and acumen of our team. We also maintain a high standard of deliverables with our quality checks and process. Consequentially, if you are successful in the long run, then we will be too.

A Process that Works

We believe that process is the foundation to success. Our process includes rigorous planning, insightful research, and strategic execution. We work with you as little or as much as you want, either way, we promise to never leave you out of the conversation.

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