About Us

Panel Marketing™ is a marketing firm, that answers the “how and what do we do” question for our clients. We answer this through research and by assigning a specialized panel of marketing experts to create the right plan of action to achieve your goals. Once we answer these questions we execute for your success.

What we help you with:

  1. Market leadership
  2. Scaling your business
  3. Increasing market share
  4. Revenue growth
  5. Customer engagement & loyalty
  6. Product & service superiority
  7. Creating brands that last in the long term.

We are top level consultants that plan your marketing. We help you make the right decisions.

There are a vast number of global marketing channels available to choose from, and a large amount of data to analyze. Companies can no longer have one or two people that do the most important work, i.e. the strategy and the plan. There is a need for a process that diversifies the marketing solutions available to these companies. A need for a panel approach to marketing. The solution is a panel of diversified, international, and specialized experts, brought together by a unique process made effective through quantifiable tools and models. Panel Marketing™ was created to be your marketing solution.

Our panel of experts are on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. Our combined experience helps us to be on the dot.

With our proprietary processes and the panel approach we are best fit to help clients achieve their goals.


  • Victoria Bennett logoVictoria BennettMarketing Strategist
  • Marc Boivin logoMarc BoivinMarketing Strategist
  • Lisa Marie Genovese logoLisa Marie GenoveseMarketing Strategist
  • Jenelle Wohlberg logoJenelle WohlbergMarketing Strategist
  • Natasha Chawla logoNatasha ChawlaMarketing Strategist
  • Saqib Tariq logoSaqib TariqFounder
  • Chris Gover logoChris GoverBranding Specialist
  • Debbie Peck logoDebbie PeckSocial Media Specialist
  • Sheila Weaver logoSheila WeaverQuantitative Research
  • Tracy Thomson logoTracy ThomsonQualitative Research
  • Phalan Grof logoPhalan GrofSales & Growth Specialist

Advisory Panel

  • Dr. Evan Durnin logoDr. Evan Durnin
  • Dr. Kate Durnin logoDr. Kate Durnin

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