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What are referral partners?

In short: they loosen your dependence on Google.

Referral partners are effective sources for new leads as they perform word-of-mouth marketing that is used to get new patients towards your clinic. Referral partners come in many forms as they can be GP’s, women’s health clinics, insurance providers, employers, maternity clinics, coaches, educational institutions and more.

We help clinics like yours with getting referral partners so you can broaden your clinic’s marketing channels. By doing so, you can reduce your dependence on Google Search Ads and social media for patient acquisition.

Referrals help clinics get new patients

This relationship is good for you and your referral partner.

As per Referrals for Doctors (2019), healthcare businesses can efficiently gain new patients through referrals from physicians. Moreover, a physician’s referral may be the difference between a patient choosing a competitor’s clinic over yours.

Establishing relationships with physicians is beneficial to both of you. They will consider referring your clinic to a patient, and you have the chance to refer your patients to them. It’s a win-win, and your patients will be more at ease knowing you were referred to them by someone they trust.

Referral partners save you time and money

They save your patients time, too.

These partnerships save you time and money because someone else is sending patients your way. Patients benefit because they will save time from researching clinics that will treat their condition. With referral partners, three-way trust is established and everyone benefits.

We help you reach referral partners so you can get new patients and broaden your marketing channels. We have experience developing different strategies to help clinics build relationships with different types of referral partners. From GP’s to personal trainers, we help you increase your reach among referral partners effectively.

The more community/local-based, the better. You are a key part of your community and your patients benefit from this. Try local skincare brands for your RMTs to use, or a local bicycle shop if you offer bike fit assessments.

Print mailouts, digital marketing, and good old fashioned door-to-door networking. For example, volunteer for or sponsor community events, and get to know your neighbors. Provide offers to speak at a local wellness shop, You get the idea!

Sometimes, but not always. Head over to our Get Doctors' Referrals page to learn more.

We Do what Works

We believe that process is the foundation to success for healthcare marketing. Our process involves thorough research to discover referral partners that will benefit you and strategies to ensure that we connect with them successfully. Our process includes quality checks that scrutinize each aspect of our plan. We take the time to monitor and optimize our work so you see results.

Quality over Quantity

We want to connect you with quality referral partners that you could refer your own patients to if they needed. The quality of this relationship has the potential to be a long-term strategy that is mutually beneficial.

We’re Marketers – and Patients.

We are a team of passionate and research-driven healthcare marketers. We are also healthcare patients that have experienced the time and effort healthcare professionals place into their patient’s wellbeing. At Panel, we aim to extend your clinic’s marketing the same amount of care. Our team is comprised of experts who understand the multi-faceted and fast-paced world of healthcare marketing which is why we have been able to help clinics across Canada grow their patient base and market share.

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