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What is broad based marketing?

Broad based marketing

You may have 50 patients that need your services now, but you also have 500 patients that will need your services later. If your marketing is just focused on the 50 patients with lead generation, new patient acquisition or conversions tactics then you may always be buying leads or hunting for new patients.

Think of brands that are well known in their industries. Like when you think of Heinz for ketchup, lululemon for yoga pants, or 1-800-GOT-JUNK for junk removal. Do you buy their services when you see their ad? Or do you just know where to go when you need those products/services?

Your marketing should be positioning you for long-term success, to be that memorable and recognizable brand in your industry (see the graph below).

We recommend complimenting new patient acquisition with brand building.

Broad media channels include: out of home advertising, vehicles wraps, bus benches, retail storefronts, wall murals, facility advertising like community hockey rinks and so on.

It can also include radio ads, community publications, neighbourhood mail, community Facebook groups, interacting with accounts on Instagram, sponsorships to get involved in the local community and so on. With social media you can do inexpensive awareness-based campaigns.

Keep reading to learn what criteria to follow to accurately select the right media mix.


Recipe for success

Use the guideline below as a starting point to establish the right media mix for your clinic:

  1. Broaden your reach: Target 500 unique people as opposed to 50 people.
  2. Low cost: You should have low cost per thousand on these campaigns.
  3. Low time investment: It doesn’t involve owners or team members to hustle.
  4. Frequency: More frequency means better brand recall
  5. Consistent: For brand recognition keep your designs consistent so you are easy to remember, such as the strong use of one colour, logo, and tagline. Keep the design simple. No one remembers complicated and busy ads.


If you would like guidance for the best course of action for your clinic, then contact us and we will be happy to save you time and execute these for you! Become the brand that the whole community remembers.

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