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How to increase assessments and follow-ups for your Physiotherapy team or Osteopathy team

How to increase assessments and follow-ups for your Physiotherapy team or Osteopathy team? As a clinic owner, you know how hard it is to build a practice, recruit practitioners, and keep your practitioners busy. The following are five tactics used by successful clinics that you can start using today.

Provide a Wow Patient Experience

When patients walk into your practice, they should feel welcomed and impressed. This can be done with a well-designed waiting room and friendly staff. Make sure your team is knowledgeable about the services you offer and can answer any questions patients may have. Building a patient-centric clinic that is dedicated towards providing quality care can be challenging. However, by systemizing every aspect of the patient experience, you can ensure that it is repeatable, scalable and profitable. This will help you to attract and keep new patients.

Follow up each and every time

Follow-up appointments are crucial for retaining patients. If you’re not able to see them for their next appointment, make sure to call them and reschedule. Email follow-ups that are personalized work quite well. By sending a follow up email that is tailored to the individual, you can make sure that they feel appreciated and important. This can help to keep them engaged with your clinic and encourage them to continue receiving treatment.

Execute trustworthy treatment plans

Treating patients effectively is key to keeping them happy and coming back for more. It is about clinical results first. People do not always follow through on their treatment plans. They might not do all the exercises you tell them to, or they might forget what you just said. It is important to be patient with them and help remind them of what they need to do. Systemized treatment plans help.

Develop relationships with Doctors

If you want referrals to come to your physiotherapy/Osteopathy clinic, you should offer referrals of your own. Get to know local businesses and professionals who may be interested in referring their patients to you. Building strong relationships with doctors will result in more business for your clinic.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a great way to reach new patients online. Use targeted ads to reach people who are interested in physiotherapy/Osteopathy services and are located near your clinic.

Physiotherapists who want to increase their assessments and follow-ups can use the five tactics we’ve outlined in this article. By providing a wow patient experience, following up each and every time, executing trustworthy treatment plans, developing relationships with referral partners, and using digital advertising, you can bring in more new patients and keep them busy.

If you want to learn more about how to increase assessments and follow-ups for your physiotherapy team, please book a time on my calendar.  I would be happy to discuss this with you further.

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