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How many Google reviews are enough?

At Panel, we conduct our own research on multiple subjects such as consumers, trends, media usage, health, clinics, practices, and behavior to curate in-house research. This ensures that we stay at the leading edge of marketing and leave no stone unturned with client’s marketing execution.

In 2019, we researched 10 chiropractic and physiotherapy focused clinics per major city in Canada and compiled data from the 667 clinics who had Google reviews. We discovered that the industry average for Google reviews received is 18. The midpoint of average Google reviews is 19, while the most recurring average is 16. This data may not be representative of your clinic or your direct competition. In our home city of Calgary, it is not uncommon in 2021 to see several clinics with over 150 reviews. With some clinics nearing 500 reviews just on Google.

Why use only Google reviews

“Google has 90.46% of the search engine market share worldwide” (Aleksandra, 2018). When prospective patients are looking for a clinic the mostly likely first place they will look at is Google. Google search results now provide local listings displayed on a map. Google modifies your search results based on your location, intent of search and time of the day among a plethora of Google Algorithms. If you search for a clinic specifically, the Google My Business listing appears on the right on the desktop platform that displays your rating and all your Google Reviews. At Panel, we have employed Ratemd reviews for clinics, Yelp and on-site reviews. However, Google reviews have the furthest reach, they access a broad audience, and they have the most long-term benefits.

Clinics receive more Google reviews after 4 years in business

Based on the industry average of 18 reviews, the clinics that have been in business for 4 to 6 years surpass this average by approximately 45%; on average these clinics receive 26 Google reviews. The second highest average comes from clinics that have been in business for 7 to 10 years; who surpass the industry average by approximately 33%, and receive, on average, 24 Google reviews.

New clinics and legacy clinics

The clinics that received the lowest amount of Google reviews have been in business for 0 to 3 years and over 21 years. Clinics that have been in business for 0 to 3 years , on average, have 16 Google reviews; this is approximately 12% less than the industry average of 18. Clinics that have been in business for 21 to 25 years also received 16 Google reviews, and clinics that have been in business for over 26 years only received 13 Google reviews; 28% less than the industry average.

A downward trend

There is a downward trend of Google reviews received as the age of clinics increases. The table below provides a visual of the steady decline from when the reviews lessen; between clinics that are 4 to 6-years-old and 26-years-old or older.

The Importance of Google reviews

Google reviews are vital for your clinic. Positive reviews give your clinic credibility and increase the level of trust you inspire for prospective patients. In fact, 90% of prospective healthcare patients refer to Google reviews to evaluate practitioners before they book an appointment (Online Reviews: The Ultimate Guide for Business Owners, n.d.). As everyone is rushing to write the best content to increase SEO, Google reviews are already reaping the benefits by having the patients write the content for the clinic. Businesses with Google reviews gain brand exposure, customer feedback, and a potential revenue increase of 5 to 9% according to a 2011 study by Michael Luca of Harvard Business School (Online Reviews: The Ultimate Guide for Business Owners, n.d.). They also increase the keywords for your brand, products, and services which boosts your clinic’s overall ranking on Google and increases local SEO.
Additionally, your Google reviews provide another platform for you to engage with your patients and determine patient’s experiences with your practitioners and staff. Much of the time, patients will comment on their experience with a certain practitioner or comment on how your services helped them recover. Conversely, negative reviews give you a window into what needs to be improved, as well as a chance to reconcile with patients. Overall, Google reviews are extremely powerful, and can help clinics dominate the online space where patients are searching for healthcare information.

We can help

At Panel, have helped numerous clinics create systemic solutions to consistently generate authentic reviews from their clinic. This not only keeps the number of Google reviews increasing but it also helps provide timely feedback to the clinic owners on the performance of the practitioners, the administrative team and the clinic in general.

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