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26% Growth Year over Year

From 2021 to 2022, the clinics we work with have seen a 26% growth year over year in their average gross revenue! The
median was 17%. So is there some sort of magic involved? A digital recipe that only we know about?
No, there isn’t.

Here is how. At Panel, we work with each clinic individually. We don’t force you into packages. We
don’t reinvent the wheel and we don’t “sell” you what you don’t need.

Why? This is because each clinic is unique, and so are the owner, their goals, their patients, their location, and their leadership skills. So the same strategy that worked for one clinic may not work for you.
Moreover, we won’t be telling your story or helping you achieve your business and personal goals.

At Panel, we have established tools, systems, activities, and best practices in each segment: Patient
acquisition, patient engagement, patient experience, and scaling clinics. We only deploy what will
work for you uniquely and at the right time.

The clinics that we are working with right now have unique challenges: Such as innovation through
their leadership team, developing leadership teams and structures and getting new patients for multiple
new practitioners, recruiting, turning around culture and so much more.

Clinics may have an average cost of new customer acquisition at $3 or $150. It depends and we
certainly, never want to be at $150.

Our job is to help you be as efficient with your marketing and business practices so that you succeed
in spite of all the challenges, you may face day-to-day.

The end result? We want you to grow exponentially – 26% growth year over year, or more! And we have a team of specialists who live and
breathe this stuff to support you every step of the way.
If you want to see if we can help your clinic grow, schedule a call with us. Let’s chat.

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  • Engage Current Patients
  • Deliver a Wow Experience
  • Digital Marketing