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Leverage your clinic signage and stationery

Stand out in your community - up close and from afar.

Is your location a landmark in your community? Do people use your location as the reference for other stores? Do people notice your location from a distance and are curious to visit in person?

Clinic signage is separated into multiple categories such as way finding, patient experience, entertainment, and community. We help patients that are in the clinic truly feel the brand through well designed signage and stationary.

We aren't interior designers

But we definitely know our way around print design.

We are not interior designers, but we do design clinic signage. We don’t stop there, either. We have experienced graphic designers who can do signage plus any other print or promotional pieces installed or placed within your clinic.

As healthcare clinic marketers who do graphic design, we know how to combine function with beautiful design to make your clinic shine.

The 5 pillars of a good design

Symmetry, proportions, consistency, balance, and harmony.

We always ask these questions for every design process:
  1. Does the design meet the elements of a what makes a good design? a. Symmetry b. Proportions c. Consistency d. Balance e. Harmony
  2. Does the design meet the function of the piece?
  3. Does the design speak to the target audience?
  4. Does the design speak about the end benefits to the client?
  5. Does the design meet the brand guidelines?
  6. Are the design/advertisements likeable?
  7. Is the signage attention getting?
  8. Is their sufficient way-finding signage?
  9. Does the space design and collateral enhance the experience?
  10. What emotions does the space create?
By asking these questions, we can ensure your design is strong in all the ways it matters.
The more community/local-based, the better. You are a key part of your community and your patients benefit from this. Try local skincare brands for your RMTs to use, or a local bicycle shop if you offer bike fit assessments.
Print mailouts, digital marketing, and good old fashioned door-to-door networking. For example, volunteer for or sponsor community events, and get to know your neighbors. Provide offers to speak at a local wellness shop, You get the idea!
Sometimes, but not always. Head over to our Get Doctor Referrals page to learn more.

A Process that Works

We believe that process is the foundation to success. Our process includes rigorous planning, insightful research, and strategic execution. We work with you as little or as much as you want, either way, we promise to never leave you out of the conversation. To learn more about our process head to the About Us page.

Quality over Quantity

At Panel we don’t work with every clinic- we work with a select group to ensure they are successful. We ensure quality through the experience and acumen of our team. We also maintain a high standard of deliverables with our quality checks and process. Coincidentally, if you are successful in the long run, then we will be too. Find out more about our commitment to quality on the About Us page.

We’re Marketers – and Patients.

We are a team of passionate and research-driven healthcare marketers. We are also healthcare patients that have experienced the time and effort healthcare professionals place into their patient’s wellbeing. At Panel, we aim to extend your clinic’s marketing the same amount of care. Our team is comprised of experts who understand the multi-faceted and fast-paced world of healthcare marketing which is why we have been able to help clinics across Canada grow their patient base and market share.

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