What is not a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy is often confused with choosing social media over print campaigns or choosing discounting over seasonal sales. While a media strategy or message strategy may be all those, a marketing strategy is different.


Creative without strategy is called “art”. Creative with strategy is called “advertising” Jef I. Richards



Hope is not a strategy

What is a Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is how the whole brand will achieve its goals, providing direction and focus on all other actions and choices.

  • Marketing strategies may be used to penetrate the existing market with a new product, or penetrating a new market with an existing product
  • Perhaps buying your competition, merging or co-branding
  • Going to market internationally or creating an online distribution model
A marketing strategy is the key to a focused and integrated marketing campaign.

What makes Panel Marketing different?

Our panel is not limited to the knowledge of one or two people. We are a panel of experts who evaluate a variety of alternatives, assessing distinct strategies to solve your marketing problems. We do this by combining research, data, and our unique experiences. At Panel Marketing, our goal is to create the most effective strategy that drives long term results for your business.

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