What is a Marketing Plan?

Your business relies on revenue, which is dependent on marketing and sales. Marketing plans answer very important questions that have a high impact on your present and future revenue. Marketing plans are composed of an analysis of the current marketing situation, opportunities and threats analysis, marketing objectives, marketing strategy, and action programs.

In addition, your customers, your product, your price, and your advertising all stem from it. This marketing plan is an implementation device that is integrated within an overall strategic business plan.

What is a Marketing Plan

Marketing is a puzzle where you first have to create the image before you start to assemble it.



Break the cycle of “same tactic different year”

Why do you need a Marketing Plan?

  • Grow your brand
  • Consolidate all your marketing activities
  • Align your business goals and marketing goals
  • Identify and retain everything that defines your culture and identity
  • Allow for campaigns and actions to be executed with consistency

What makes Panel Marketing different?

At Panel Marketing, it is not one or two individuals who design the whole strategic direction of your marketing. It is a carefully selected panel of experts that make the right plan. Our marketing plan is compiled from over 20 different sources such as marketing journals, academic sources, and research. Combined with our personal expertise, the panel’s marketing plan is the most comprehensive plan format that exists in the market. We have associated over 50 numerical tests to understand, analyze, measure and predict these sections of the marketing plan.

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