What is a Marketing Audit?

Its much more pleasant than an accounting audit. A marketing audit is a comprehensive check for every internal and external form of communication produced by the firm. This helps you understand your brand, your values, your culture, your tone, and the execution of campaigns. A marketing audit makes all your communication consistent and your message and tone congruent with your brand values. It is an integral first step in analyzing what is working, not working, and why. The audit is not limited to products. The marketing audit also looks at the service performed for the end customer and his/her overall experience.


Marketing audits often reveals the hard truth. Results. What works and what doesn’t.

Discovering "why" your brand exists is more difficult to answer than "what" it does and "how".

Discovering “why” your brand exists is more difficult to answer than “what” it does and “how”.

Why do you need a Marketing Audit?

A marketing strategy is how the whole brand will achieve its goals, providing direction and focus on all other actions and choices.

  • To increase effectiveness of all your communication
  • To ensure consistency
  • To ensure effective communication of your brand promise
  • To determine what works and what doesn’t

What makes Panel Marketing different?

An external firm is always more perceptive and objective about programs and processes that have been long standing and running. At Panel Marketing, we are more than a fresh pair of eyes, we are an objective and experienced team that want to analyze everything to make your marketing more effective. Our audit checklist is compiled from over 20 different sources such as marketing journals, academic sources, and research. Combined with our personal expertise, the panel’s audit tools are the most comprehensive format that exist in the market. In addition, we have associated over 20 numerical tests to understand, analyze, and measure your marketing performance.

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