What are Campaign Plans?

A campaign plan is an analysis of the current marketing situation, marketing strategy, your goals, media, message implementation, measurement and analysis. This campaign plan is an implementation device integrated within an overall marketing plan.

This is a sort of a mini marketing plan. It is ideal when there isn’t enough time to do market research, consumer survey’s or product analysis. A smaller scale and less in-depth plan to get to market with a new product or service.

Campaign plans are vital after you’ve created your marketing plan and you’re ready to launch.

campaign plan_person_1

1 person= one solution
5 people = the right solution

Campaign Plan_Person2

The right campaign plan is the difference between trying to play or trying to win.

Why do you need a Campaign Plan?

  • To increase the effectiveness of your advertising
  • To align your campaign goals with your overall marketing plan
  • To identify the right media spent and the right message strategy
  • To keep your campaigns consistent and measure the results

What makes Panel Marketing different?

At Panel Marketing, it is not one or two individuals who design campaign plans. It is a carefully selected panel of experts who design the right plan. Our campaign plans are compiled from more than 20 different sources such as marketing journals, academic sources, and research. Combined with our personal expertise, the panel’s campaign plans are the most comprehensive plan format that exists in the market. In addition, we have associated over 20 numerical tests to understand, analyze, measure and predict these sections campaign plans.

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