A Panel of Experts

We are a marketing firm that bring experts together to create marketing strategies for organizations. Panel Marketing™ brings the best of experience and research to the complex and fragmented world of marketing.

Learn What a Panel Can Do for You

The following are some of the typical marketing challenges faced by profit and non-profit companies that we can help you resolve: Increasing revenue, increasing brand awareness, USP discovery, sales management, social media strategy, digital marketing strategy, e-mail marketing strategy, web-analytics, brand reputation, public relations, employee retention, corporate culture, fund raising, social events, sales tracking, media strategy, recruitment marketing, services marketing, user experience, referral marketing, loyalty programs and much more…Services
We are different than advertising agencies, and this is beneficial for you, because our experts are unbiased, strategic, collaborate with each other, business focused, and solution oriented. We do not make revenue from media sales or creative development, which forces our experts to be solution oriented and open minded. We come together to excel and thrive in Panel Marketing™’s proprietary research process and planning structure. The outcome of this structure, people and processes are marketing solutions that work, creatively, responsibly, and not just in the short term.About Us
We live in a complex and a fragmented age of marketing. Consumer experiences, demands and usage trends are changing our business landscape drastically  and rapidly. The hardest question for companies to ask is not why, when, and where, but “what” do we do for marketing and “how”? Panel Marketing™ helps companies answer this vital question in a risk averse and a unique fashion. This is what we specialize in and only what we do. We are best equipped to answer this question as we bring the best of experience and research to the table in a structure and process designed to be result oriented and solution specific. Contact Us